New Aniskin

Production: Russia

Genre: comedy (satire), fantasy


Production stage:

a pilot episode

Casting: famous film actors

Technology: cross-media

Duration of the 1st season:
12 episodes of 16 minutes.


Script: original

Script writers: OR and MB with the participation of Camedy Club residents


Music author and performer: Levan Lomidze and Blues Cousins


Main characters:

Police Major Aniskin, IT specialist Vasily, Intern Vasilisa


Production company:

Kortyish Studio / DM Entertainment

Probyi fona_01_004_Meteorit_NA.jpg

The "Korotyish" Studio plans to produce

1st season of the series "New Aniskin".  

New Aniskin is a cross-media project
by production technology.
By genre "New Aniskin" -
it is a satirical comedy.


It will be funny,
the coolest authors!

But all the details - after the premiere!

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