Partners of the studio "Korotysh"


The multinational corporation Google, headquartered in the USA and the video hosting platform YouTube, is our partner. Studio "Korotysh" in 2012 created and now maintains 2 channels on the YouTube platform:

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DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) -
niche media content aggregator,
produced in Russia and the CIS, with offices in Russia and the USA.

In turn, the world's leading 
VOD platforms / OTT operators are DMSD partners.

DMSD has been supporting since 2016
affiliate relationships with:


But with these core partnerships, DMSD's media promotion capabilities
RF / CIS are not limited to the world.
Watch films / TV series / animation from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries on the world's leading online platforms!
Subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese are provided by DMSD.

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