Petya and Reks

Petya i Reks_cropped_red_in progress_LQ.

Production: Russia

Status: National Film

Production stage: completed

Genre: animation (2D), fairy tale, drama

Russian language

Running time: 26 min.


Script: original
Author: Yulia Matrosova

Main characters:

boy Petya and dog Reks


Subcontracting production company:

Korotyish Studio (DM Entertainment)
© 2021

V Poster_2400x3200_Petya i

The "Korotyish" Studio, "DM Entertainment" and partners

completed in production

2D animated

feature film 

"Petya and Reks".


The hit soundtrack includes 4 famous songs and 1 specially recorded:

The film is planned to be released in the format

2K 25p with sound in versions
stereo and 5.1, as well as an innovative
4K HDR version.





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