The Girl and the Bird

Working title:

The Girl and the Bird

Country of production:  Russia

Production stage: post-production

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Technology: live + CGI animation (3D)

Running time: 10 min.

Script: original

Screenwriters: I.L., O.R.

Directors: xxx

DP: xxx

Production Designer: xxx

Music Contributors: xxx
Vocalise: xxx

Sound Engineer: xxx

Casting Director: A.P.


E.A., D.M., E.S.

Main characters:
Martha, Father, Stepmother, Bird

Producers: xxx

Production company:

Korotyish Studio / DM Entertainment

"The Girl and the Bird" is an unusual, unlike anything project, despite the fact that the mission of the film is connected with a theme that many authors in all genres of art, including cinematography and animation, touch upon in their creative lives. Our dramatic story is about love.


But at the junction of live images and animation, our team will have something for your eyes and hearing, mind and feelings that you want to look again and again to make sure that love is chosen with the heart.


Follow our further announcements and publications.

So far, only here.


And a month before the premiere, the official fan pages of the film "The Girl and the Bird" will appear on VKontakte and Facebook.


The shooting period is over as planned.


There is a stage of the post.


The premiere will surely take place soon.

The team is experienced and international, the composition is stellar,
we will succeed as planned!


And we conceived
"wow" and "wow"!


A fairy tale
in post production

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