Wild West in the "History"


Completion year of production: 2019


Russia / Germany / USA / Brazil

Genre: documentary, musical

Running time: 20 min.


Script: original
Film author: Oleg Lubske

Music composers:

Kevin MacLeod,  Lobo loco

Sound design: Christian Tanto

Sound mix: Christian Tanto

Starring: Alexey Oreshkov, Amina Azeeva, Vyacheslav Slavko,
pupils of the equestrian club "History"


Production company: Korotyish USMS /
DM Entertainment, Acústica e Arte (Brasil)

© 2019 Repentance Foundation and DMH

Wild West in History_poster_2400x3200_co

"Korotyish" Studio has completed the creation of
the documentary-musical film 
"Wild West in the "History". Watch the film and you find out why the word history in the title is in quotation marks.

We cleaned up the wind noise and background dirt, added sound design and effects with finishing color correction, and completed the final mixing of sound tracks. Several of the works on the film involved our foreign partners.

Our film "The Wild West in the "History " became

co-production also for this reason:
because we were kindly provided with originally scored music produced by
two talented performer composers

from the USA and Germany.

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